Holiday Harry Potter Gift Ideas for Harry Potter Fans 2018

Choosing the gifts in the holiday season is one of the hardest things. Do you know a harry potter fan who would love some harry potter goodness in their life? As Poshopolis has lots and lots of Harry Potter stuff, we are presenting a list of perfectly chosen gift ideas.

Harry Potter Hagwid Rucksack

Price: $89.99

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Get this cute rucksack for a Harry Potter fanatic, he/she would love your gift. It's our promise.


Harry Potter Hermoine Granger's S.P.E.W. Women's Black T-Shirt

Price: $29.99

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We all know Hermoine Granger very well. This t-shirt is the best gift for die-hard granger fans.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Panel Umbrella

Price: $25.99

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Whether you're taking a stroll around Hogsmeade or running late to Herbology class, the rain will put a damper on your activities. That's why we recommend you don't leave your common room without this Hogwarts umbrella. It features the school crest so you can show off your school pride whenever the weather gets bad.


Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts Quilted Embellished Handbag

Price: $55.99

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The quilted texture of the bag gives it a modern look with the Hogwarts vibes.


Harry Potter Wand Bracelet

Price: $26.99

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Gift this bracelet to a witch r wisard who don't want to be far from his/her wand any time.


Solemnly Swear Nimbus Juniors 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

Price: $35

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Wander the wizarding world with everything you need tucked into this Solemnly Swear Nimbus Jrs. 3 Piece Cosmetic bag set.


Harry Potter Gryffindor House Crest Print Men's Loungewear Lounge Pants

Price: $25

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These lounge pants will be the best gift for a Gryffindor fan.


Harry Potter Alohomora Lariat Charm Necklace

Price: $25.99

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Say "Alohomora" and watch the doors of success open. Gift this collectible to your loved ones this Christmas.


Harry Potter Charm Bracelet

Price: $36.99

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This Harry Potter Charm Bracelet is a beautiful, zinc alloy and cotton charm bracelet that girls who are fans of Harry Potter would love. The Harry Potter Bracelet is collectible Hogwarts Jewelry with seven different charms attached.